BibleWorks Review #1 By Alex

This is my favorite tool for exegesis. I use this software primarily to help me establish the integrity of the text.

I am going to be posting a series on the various features and functions of BibleWorks 9. I am not sure yet how many posts I am going to be doing. I got the software recently, and plan on posting as I figure/discover new stuff with it. So, sporadically I will post a review a specific function of the software. I plan to launch around 10-15 posts. At the end I plan on posting an overview review of the software as a whole. Who knows, maybe Josh and I can launch a “counterpoint” series comparing BibleWorks and Accordance (Josh is a big Accordance guy).

Anyway, here is the first post. I will review a rather basic (yet complex) function, and that is an overview of the search engine on BibleWorks.

BibleWorks is a powerful bible software that is best used with searching throughout the Bible in a number of translations…

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