Born to Win!

born to win

Did you know that you were born to win? I mean; think about it! Think of the battle that was waged between all of the sperm and eggs cells in your mother’s womb! Prior to you, that battle was waged every month but it ended in defeat because there was no union between an egg and a sperm!

But then, it happened! A specific combination of an egg and sperm cell won the battle and you were conceived! I said “specific” combination because there were so many sperm cells competing to unite with just one of the egg cells! Had any other combination occurred, you wouldn’t have been you; you would have been someone else! You won the battle of conception!

And then, there was the nine-month or so battle waged just to reach your birthday! So many things could have happened to prevent you from being born; but you won the battle and you were born! All those battles occurred and you won all of those victories even before you took your first breath!

So don’t buy into the lie that you were “born to lose!” It’s simply not true! You were born to win! You won so many victories just to get to the point where the doctor slapped you on your butt and you took your first breath! You won all of those battles and you didn’t even know you were fighting! So now that you know that life can sometime be a struggle; don’t allow the adversities of life to defeat you!

Whenever you are feeling down and you feel like you just can’t win; just think of the battles you won just to get here! You won the battle of conception! You won the battle of birth! There is nothing in this life that can utterly defeat you unless you give up! Your conception and your birth is proof that you were born to win!

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