The Preachers of L. A.

preacher of laSomeone asked me recently what I thought about the reality television show: The Preachers of L. A. I don’t quite remember exactly what I told them, but I do remember my reaction the one and only time I saw the show! At first, I found it, hurtful, scandalous, degrading and irreverent! But, then I thought about it and the more I think about it, the more I understand what’s really going on with that show!

First of all, it is “reality TV!” The phrase; “reality TV” is really an oxymoron! I mean, think about it! How can any reality show on TV be an actual real representation of reality? In the real world, much of the mundane and boring day-to-day activities of everyday life would not be very entertaining to watch. Therefore, most of what is presented in any reality series is “staged” in order to make it entertaining. And to the extent that it is staged, it is not really real! Much of what happens on the Preachers of L. A., or any other reality series is “staged” for entertaining purposes. Why? Because of ratings!

I’ve heard that some of the preachers on the show say they do it because they want people to know that preachers are human just like everybody else. Well, according to the Bible I read (Their Bible might be a different book) the ministry is a sacred calling! The preacher is human, but the preacher is NOT just like everybody else! The true preacher has a calling from God that calls them to be “apart” (separated) from the world; not a part of the world!

Personally, I think this show is just another attempt to make a mockery of the church in order to weaken its testimony and witness! And by no means is the show an accurate portrayal of the life of most preachers and pastors of Los Angeles or anywhere else in America! But who would want to watch a preacher spend 16 to 20 hours a week in study and preparation for a 30 to 45-minute sermon on Sunday morning? That would make “boring” TV! Who would want to watch a preacher spend hours each day on bending knees seeking the face of God? That would make boring TV! Who would want to watch a preacher driving from hospital to hospital, nursing home to nursing home, funeral home to funeral home to sit, counsel, and console those in need? That would make boring TV!

The Preachers of L.A. may be good entertainment for some, but as for me, I think there are more important things that warrant my attention than watching that show! But, who am I? They are on TV and they are the preachers of L. A! I’m not on TV; I’m just one of the preachers of Covington, GA!




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  1. True! Nothing real.about reality TV but the location. I just worry for those that believe everything they see and the Preachers who dont .care to consider them.

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