Clark Kent vs Superman

Clark SupermanMost of us are familiar with the DC Comics character: “Superman/Clark Kent!” Clark is the mild-mannered reporter from the Daily Planet, who is somewhat bashful, quiet and unassuming. However in reality, he was also Superman; the man of steel, faster than a speeding bullet and stronger than any locomotive! All who are familiar with the cartoon would probably agree that it doesn’t take too much effort to be “Clark Kent,” but it takes a whole lot of energy to be “Superman!”

Well, like Clark Kent, we can handle most situations we encounter in life. However, because of procrastination and the failure to deal initially with problems in a firm and decisive manner, many times our “Clark Kent” situations will turn into “Superman” situations! Many of us suffer from the tendency to avoid making difficult decisions. We ‘decide’ not to decide, not realizing that our decision not to decide is in fact a decision! And when we decide not to decide, the circumstances of life ultimately make the decisions for us! And as a result of relinquishing control of the situation, we often find ourselves in predicaments where we really need to be “Superman” in order to get back on an even keel!

However, many of the BIG PROBLEMS or the “Superman” situations, can be handled with ease if we deal with them while they are still on the “Clark Kent” level. But, somehow we erroneously believe that if we just ignore difficult situations, they will go away or resolve themselves on their own! Some times this is true! However, it takes wisdom to know the difference. Some times some things do work themselves out, while others need to be dealt with in an aggressive and timely manner. We need to learn when, where and how to correctly concentrate our energy because we wouldn’t want to kill an insect with a shotgun!

Super JesusSo, as you go through life, facing various situations from day to day, take time to weight your options. Is it a situation that Clark Kent can handle or is it a job for Superman? If it is a job for Superman, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed! You can be encouraged because there is someone to help! Just look up in the sky! No! It’s not a bird! It’s not a plane! It’s not even Superman! But there is some one! His name is Jesus! He can help you with your problems! He came that we might have life and that we might have it more abundantly! So, pray to God and ask Him to give you the wisdom to deal with life effectively because if you don’t deal with life, life will deal with you! And whatever course of action you take or decide not to take, always remember; it takes more energy to be Superman than it does to be Clark Kent!

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