The Owner’s Manual

Owners ManualHas this ever happened to you? It’s late Christmas Eve or perhaps early Christmas morning and you are rushing to assemble the toys before the children wake up! As you open a box, you notice a little booklet inside labeled: “Assembly Instructions” or “Directions” or “The Owner’s Manual” or something along those lines. But you really don’t have time to look at it! After all, you’ve assembled some things before and you’re no dummy! At this point, you really can’t afford to waste time reading directions! Well, after a frustrating hour or so, you finally finish; the product is assembled!  Just then, you notice a few spare parts and some extra screws and you think how thoughtful it was for the manufacturer to put in some extra parts! Well, later on in the day, after the Christmas meal, your child staggers into the house, all torn and dirty! “What happened?” You ask! After wiping the tears from their eyes, your child explains that the new toy that you put together fell apart and threw them for a spill! After you pick up the pieces, you try it again, only this time, you read the instructions! It is then that you realize those extra parts and extra screws weren’t really “extra” after all!

Just about every product comes with an owner’s manual or a set of instructions. And it is only when we read the manual and follow the directions that we can be reasonably sure to enjoy the full benefits of the product. And in many cases, it is only after we have carefully operated the product in a manner specified in the owner’s manual, that we can be assured that the manufacturer’s warranty will be valid, should we need to replace the product!

Well, did you know that life comes with an owner’s manual? But for many people, life simply doesn’t work out as well as they would like! For them, life is nothing more than a series of disjointed mishaps and misfortunes! I would like to suggest that perhaps the reason life is not working out for them is because they don’t read “The Owner’s Manual!” Instead of reading the manual, many people pattern their lives after their parents, other people, and the so-called experts who write their own manuals! As a result, their marriages and homes are in shambles and even society as a whole is in a mess! They don’t read the owner’s manual! Their children are rebellious, destructive, and headed for self-destruction! They don’t read the owner’s manual! They are even disconnected from their own selves: They are psychotic and neurotic! They don’t read the owner’s manual!

My friend, if you are among those whose lives are in disarray with pieces scattered across the floor, let me suggest that you stop and take some time to read the owner’s manual! The Manufacturer of Life did not leave its operation to chance! Life comes with a set of instructions! Whatever situation you might be facing, I can guarantee you that there is something in the owner’s manual that will give you some directions!

open bibleRight now, you might be wondering where you can pick up a copy of this manual. Well chances are, you already have one! It’s called, The Bible: “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!” A wise old king once said of the Word of God: “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” (Psalm 119:105 KJV) Yes! The Word of God is the owner’s manual of life! Pick up your copy today and read it for a more fulfilling and enjoyable life!