If There Was No “I-f” in L-i-f-e

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there was no “i-f” in life? Many people today are calling the 1-900 numbers and the Psychic Hotlines, trying to find out exactly what their future holds. They don’t seem to understand that if we knew completely what was in the future, there would be no “if” in life. They are trying to take the “i-f” out of life!

And what would life be like with no “ifs?” First of all, life would be routine and boring because it would be so predictable! One of the things that makes life worth living is the mystery of tomorrow and the anticipation of the fresh, new and unique challenges that each new day brings. It is the uncertainty of the life, (the if-factor) that makes life both exciting and challenging! Just as a mystery novel would lose its appeal if the mystery was solved in the first chapter, so would life lose its edge if we knew the outcome before we made any input. It is the “if-factor” that makes life worth living!

Finally, if there was no “i-f” in life, life would not be “l-i-f-e” at all! You see, you can’t spell life without “i-f.” And you can’t have life without the “if factor.” “I-f” is in the middle of l-i-f-e in the spelling and also in the experience! So, don’t let the uncertainties of life or the “ifs” of life, cause you fear and anxiety. But rather, use the uncertainties to sharpen your awareness and anticipation! Without the “if factor” life would be laboriously boring and wickedly routine! It is the “i-f” that gives life the cutting edge! I-f provides the excitement that gives life the chance to provide an opportunity for possible glory and not the certainty of an inevitable grind!

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