The Difference Between a “Male” and a “Man”: A Guest Post by Bishop Larry Boyd

by Bishop Larry Boyd (Open Praise Full Gospel Baptist Church: Buffalo, NY)

God did not design you (the woman) to carry the man. If you are in a relationship with a man that is lazy, full of excuses for why he doesn’t work, know that he is a manipulator and is comfortable with living off you. This kind of relationship is out of God’s order. He designed men to be providers, protectors, pursuers, and warriors. If he is sitting by watching you struggle and not lifting a finger to try and help, he is a “male.” If he is sitting waiting for your paydays and beating you to the bank for your money, he’s a “male”. If he would rather spend money on nonsense and with the homies than handle his financial responsibilities first, he is a “male”. “Men” will sacrifice for the GREATER-GOOD of the family. “Men” make sure the woman drives the better car in the family because he loves her and cares about her safety. “Males” want to “shack up” with you and “Men” want to “yoke up” in a covenant with you and marry you. Make sure you know the difference. ~ HE SHOULD HAVE YOUR BACK! ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE HIS BACKBONE! ~

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